The Museum is currently closed for reconstruction.


The Bridgestone Museum of Art collects both modern art from the West and Western-style art created in Japan after the Meiji Restoration. Our collection’s primary focus is Impressionist and other 20th century art.

In 1952, Bridgestone Corporation’s founder, Ishibashi Shojiro, opened the Bridgestone Museum of Art, displaying his private collection, in the newly constructed Bridgestone Building. He established the Ishibashi Foundation in 1956 and donated virtually all of the works of art in his collection to the Foundation in 1961. These works became the core of our collection today.

"For the welfare and happiness of all mankind," Ishibashi Shojiro’s creed, is the fundamental concept on which the Bridgestone Museum of Art is based.
The Bridgestone Museum of Art has, since our founding, continued to add to our collection, while also producing a rich array of special exhibitions, lectures, and outreach programs, as well as many publications. Our goals are to contribute to mutual understanding and the development of art by displaying extraordinary works of art and creating a place in which to encounter, enjoy and learn from them.

The museum is now closed while a new museum is built. While we are closed, our research, collecting and outreach programs will, however, continue. When our new museum opens, we hope it will be a museum for the 21st century, a museum that offers greater understanding and enjoyment to everyone.


The Bridgestone Museum of Art thus opens its doors on January 8, 1952