The Museum is currently closed for reconstruction.


Please read the FAQ page of our website before contacting us.

How long will the museum be closed?

We close on May 18, 2015, and remain closed for several years. The new museum's opening will be tentatively scheduled for January, 2020.

Will the works be moved somewhere else for display while the museum is closed?

We have no plans to move the works to a temporary facility and display them there.

Will it be impossible to enjoy the works in the museum’s collection somewhere else while the museum is closed?

We will continue to lend works from our collection to other museums. For additional information please check here.

Works on loan to other museums

What will the curators and museum staff do while the museum is closed?

While focusing on preparations for the new museum, we will continue our research, publicity, and outreach activities. We will take advantage of the museum’s being closed to study our works more closely, carry out restorations, and rethink our database.

What kinds of educational and outreach activities will you carry out while the museum is closed?

While the museum is closed, the curators responsible for our educational and outreach programs will continue to visit elementary and middle schools.

What will the new museum be like?

Plans call for a museum with larger, more comfortable spaces to be built on the same site. Please join us in looking forward to enjoying our new facilities.

Where can we find the latest information on what is going on?

While the museum is closed, we will be posting occasional updates on this Website and our social media official account.

Facebook: @BridgestoneMuseumofArt
Twitter: @bmamuseum
Instagram: @bridgestone_museum_of_art